Goodr "Irish for a Day" St. Pats Sunglasses

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Stop pretending. These Saint Patrick's Day inspired sunglasses have the power to actually change your genetic makeup and make you Irish for a day. One day only, so pick your day wisely.

The great goodr engineers have infused these lucky green with rainbow and four leaf clover accented frames with a special serum allowing for a 24 hour DNA conversion to 94% Irish ancestry. Things you may experience while being Irish for the day include but are not limited to:

  1. Conjuring leprechauns
  2. Winning bar fights
  3. Screaming Dropkick Murphy's Shipping Off to Boston
  4. An endless tolerance for Guinness
  5. The ability to make people kiss you because you're Irish
  6. An undying love for potatoes
  7. Growth of red hairs
  8. All the extra luck

Okay, this list might be a *bit* on the stereotypical side. So sue us. (Please don't sue us. Actually, pretty sure you wouldn't have any grounds to sue us based on this article anyway, unless you are the Dropkick Murphy's maybe, but this puts you in a positive light, so we should be safe there)

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